Johannes Lauer

»The trombone is a gripping instrument, at least when it's played by somebody like Johannes Lauer. He makes it sing and swing.« (Ulrich Steinmetzger)

»Johannes Lauer collects ideas and thinks outside the box. Questioning the innovative traditions of the twentieth century with great respect, he adapts them to fit his own style and transcends them for the future.« (Wolf Kampmann)

»One of the most talented brass players and composers in Germany (…) A meticulous sound architect and one who has inhaled the literature of jazz with deep breaths.«  (Udo Eberl)

»He is a polyglot storyteller who knows as much about the acceptable pattern of composed music as about tonal und metrically independent improvised music.«  (Martin Laurentius)

»The trombone player and composer Johannes Lauer produces here in a tender sound direction and thought-provoking developing times the encounters with his brilliant players from East and West.«  (Ulrich Olshausen)

»Lauer is a sensitive composer who extends his radius concentrically. His second album "Less Beat More" is a leap into life in all its intensity. The powerful Spree Blues of the trombonist and his men is as angular & unwieldy as Berlin itself. Yet it is full of cheerful memories that are heaved bravely into the chaos of the present time. In reality this courageous translation of Ellington's inheritance into the Berlin setting earns the rating 'extra large'.« (Wolf Kampmann)



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